There are so many reasons to use solar panels. And in this short article, I’ll tell you my 7 favorite reasons to use solar panels at home (and why you should consider using them too!)…

Reason #1) There Are No Real Ongoing Costs Or Maintenance…

Once you setup your solar panel(s), there is not much else you have to do. There are no moving parts so nothing (typically) breaks. So as long as the Sun keeps shining …your solar panels will continue to give you free electricity!

Reason #2) You Can Scale Up a Solar Panel System At a Later Date To Fit Your Energy Needs…

You can initially setup a smaller solar panel system. And then, down the road, when you’ve saved up more money or just want to produce more energy, you can scale up your system by adding on new solar panels (as well as adjusting other pieces of equipment).

But this is one of the really nice features about solar panel systems (i.e. their scalability). And it’s nice to know you’re not stuck with the system you initially setup. Instead, you can start small and inexpensive and later add onto it.

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Reason #3) You Can Sell The Energy You Produce

Not only can you save money on your electricity costs if you use solar panels …you can also make money!

Some people don’t realize this but if the solar panel system you have produces more electricity than your home requires; you can sell the surplus back to the power company (or at least get a credit from the energy company).

And the only investment for you is the initial cost for your solar panel system. After that, the solar panel will produce electricity for the remainder of the system’s lifespan without much maintenance or costs (like I mentioned in Reason #1 above). That’s a pretty great investment if you ask me!

Reason #4) You Can Setup Your Solar Panel System Yourself

To save money and to become more self-reliant, you can actually setup your own professional quality solar panel system very inexpensively …all by yourself! Most people don’t know this is possible but because of new technology and inexpensive parts that you can buy directly from wholesalers, this all possible now.

The best types of systems to setup yourself are portable solar generators, or smaller off-grid systems for a shed, RV, or cabin. Off-Grid setups like theses are a good option because you don’t have to “grid-tie” them or worry about connecting them into your home’s electrical system (which is tied into the power grid).

Creating a solar generator or off-grid energy system with solar panels is much easier than most people think. And setting these up yourself is very inexpensive. And once it’s setup, it will keep converting free energy from the Sun into usable electricity for your devices and appliances. This will save you money on power and make you much more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

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Reason #5) It Increases The Value Of Your Home

People are willing to pay $15,000 more for a home if it has an average-sized solar panel system, according to a recent study by the Department of Energy!

So not only will solar panels save you money each month of your power bills, it will also make you money when you sell your home.

Reason #6) Cleaner Air + Better Environment

Nobody wants to breath in dirty, polluted air. And the good news is… by using solar panels you are improving air quality and helping the environment – which is good for your health, your family’s health, and your community’s health. Win, Win, Win!

Reason #7) You & Your Family Have Energy Security + Are More Self-Sufficient

Natural disasters or an attack on the power grid can knock out electricity. Generators can run out of fuel or break. Power companies can go under. And fossil fuels could even run out one day. But the Sun will keep shining. And you can continue converting it’s free, nearly unlimited amount of energy into free usable power for your devices, appliances, and home – no matter what happens!

So what is your favorite reason to use solar power? Comment below…

    3 replies to "7 Reasons Everyone Should Use Solar Panels…"

    • Bill Binder

      Setting up a small solar panel system is pretty easy like you say in #4. Definitely much easier than other types of alternative energy systems.

    • Thomas

      I’ve been selling small amounts of power back to the energy company for years. It’s great.

    • Isaiah Kennedy

      I love knowing I’ll always have power.

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